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area rugs

area rug glossary

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Area rugs that incorporate floral motifs and symmetrical patterns which were originally made in the city of Tabriz in Iran.


A complicated weft face weave.

Tea Wash

A wash used to give area rugs an antique look.

Textured Loop Pile

Area rugs with a textured loop pile have loops of varying heights which reduce the appearance of tracking.

Tibetan Knot

A knot used to make hand-knotted area rugs that originated in Tibet.

Tip Shear

A style of area rug where some of the pile tuft are cut and some are left looped which minimizes the appearance of tracking.


When various tones of one color are used in an area rug.


Visible crushing or lying of the carpet fibers on their side from being walked on and pressed down which is usually gone after vacuuming.

Traditional (Area Rug)

Area rugs that are classical or antique.


A name that encompasses many different styles of area rugs that have contemporary styles with traditional European and Oriental designs.

Tribal Rug

Area rug designs that were originally woven by tribal people.

Tufted Rug

Area rugs made by punching tufts through a fabric base. (See also Hand–Tufted.)

Turkish Knot (Senneh)

A popular type of symmetrical knot commonly used to make hand–knotted area rugs.

Turret Gul

An octagon shaped design that has eight points with another octagon inside.