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area rugs

area rug glossary

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Yarns that extend throughout the length of an area rug which knots are tied into.


The act of chemically treating area rugs to give them a soft texture or antique look.


Strands of yarn that hold the pile knots in their place.

William Morris

The establisher of an English design firm that was named after himself. The firm created area rugs of middle eastern style with western touches that were commonly displayed in luxurious hotels and governmental offices.

Wilton Rug

Rugs made on the Wilton loom which was the first loom to be computerized but offers limited color palettes.

Wilton Side Woven

Rugs woven on the Wilton loom but at a 90 degree angle.

Wool Sisal

Wool rugs that may or may not be blended with real sisal, but are meant to provide an alternative to 100% sisal rugs which can be coarse underfoot.

Worsted Wool

A process of combing out shorter wool fibers in order to create durable, lustrous rugs with long wool fibers.