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Radiant Heat

aka: radiant heating, in floor heating, in floor heat, in floor radiant heat, radiant heat system, radiant heat systems

Radiant heating is defined as a heating system that is built directly under or into the floor. The most common types of underground heating is hot water systems and electric systems.

Random Length Planks

Refers to more than one length of bamboo flooring in a store bought carton. Random length planks create a staggered look. These Types of flooring planks are more traditional in appearance than planks with the same length.

Rapidly Renewable

The name given to the process of a natural resource that renews itself very quickly. Renewable materials hold environmental appeal, such as the bamboo plant that re-grows from the same root, maturing in just about four to six years.


aka: clam shell reducer

A molding piece that is used when there is a transition between two flooring types of varying height. An example of this would be when bamboo flooring is reducing down to a concrete or vinyl floor.


aka: refinish, screen and coat

Refinishing is the application of a new clear coat finish to an existing floor. The process is intended to help refresh the life and appearance of a bamboo floor. Although it can be done as a do it yourself project, it is recommended the job be completed by a professional.