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Term used when a fine top layer is removed from a bamboo floor, usually during the manufacturing process. This allows the bamboo flooring to be prepared for finishing. Sanding a bamboo floor again in the future may or may not be needed due to how much or how little wear and tear the floor has seen. If scratches, dents or other damages are evident, sanding and refinishing are likely necessary. See also Refinished or Screen and Coat.

Screen and Coat

aka: recoat, re-coat

A gentle scuff sanding of the existing floor finish (top layer), followed by an application of a new coat (or coats) of finish.

Solid Floors

A solid floor is defined as flooring made using one solid section of a single hardwood species. Bamboo flooring is often considered a solid floor to differ itself for the traditional engineered floor; however, solid bamboo is engineered because it is made from many layers of strips of bamboo.

Square Edge

Square edged bamboo planks meet up completely flush at the edges, leaving no grooves. The use of a square edge pre-finished floor generally calls for a more level subfloor than floors with a micro-beveled edge. The common problem with pre-finished square edge flooring is over wood.


aka: stains

Stains are a color treatment applied directly onto the surface of the bamboo flooring, usually while still in the factory.

Stair Riser

A stair riser closes the space between individual stair treads along the vertical face of a step on a flight of stairs.

Stair Tread

A stair tread is a horizontal piece of material used in a staircase where one's foot is placed.


This curved trim goes on the edge of each stair tread, allowing you to install bamboo flooring as stairs.


aka: staple, stapled down

An installation method typically known as "stapled down" that attaches a wooden subfloor to a wooden subfloor. Stapling is done with an air powered nail gun that can be found in many equipment rental stores. This installation method is similar to the nail down process.

Strand Woven

aka: Compressed, strand, stranded

A manufactured process of compressing long strips of bamboo together. Strand woven flooring is a durable and dense floor which is considered twice as hard as red oak and traditional bamboo flooring.


Strip refers to flooring with a board width of 3 ¾" or less.


Strips are referred to the amount of individual bamboo slats making up the entire width of a bamboo floor board.

Structural Placement

Structural placement is defined as the different grades of a building or individual home where a floor is able of to be installed. An example of this would be "below grade" which is the basement level, "on grade" is known as the first floor, and "above grade" is the second floor or higher.


aka: subfloors, sub floor, sub floors

A subfloor is described as the base floor of a given structure. Typically subfloors are made up of concrete or wood products such as plywood, OSB board, etc. Bamboo floors are then installed over the subfloor.


Sustainability is a process that allows a resource to be used no more than it can be replaced in a reasonable period of time. Bamboo plants are sustainable as they regenerate in a relatively short period for future harvests.