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A cut pile carpet with thicker, longer yarn. It mats and crushes easily and is not recommended for very high traffic areas.

Carpet Dying

The process of dying carpet by spraying or printing a color or pattern of colors directly onto the face of the carpet. It is also referred to as "continuous dying."

Carpet Padding

Carpet padding is a layer of cushion that is placed under the carpeting. It gives carpet its soft cushiony feel and protects it from wear and tear.


The method in which a product is manufactured.


Refers to the padding that is placed under the carpet or sometimes attached to the back of the carpet itself. It provides comfort when walked on and support for the carpet itself. Also referred to as "padding" or "underlay." Most cushions range from 1/4"- 7/16" thick.

Cut Pile

Cut–pile is a smooth finish created by cutting off the tops of the wool loops. The cut loops are then twisted to make tufts of yarn that stand erect, creating a soft even surface. Also known as "velour" or "velvet" pile.

Cut-Loop Pile

A type of carpet that is constructed of small loops of yarn that are bound together. Some of the loops are cut and some are not.