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A style of plush carpet that is very soft and smooth to the touch. Saxony is comprised of twisted, cut-pile tufts that have a uniform appearance. This type of carpet tends to show footprints and is therefore not recommended for high traffic areas.

Screen Printing

A common method used to color carpet; involves applying color through multiple silk screens to carpet to achieve desired look.

Seam Sealing

A process that involves joining the seams (where carpet edges are joined) by applying adhesive to the carpet edges. Seam sealing can help prevent your carpet from fraying at the seams.


The cracks where tiles, planks, or strips of flooring come together.

Secondary Backing

A second backing that is laminated onto the primary backing of carpet to increase dimensional stability. It could be a pad or cushion.


A method used to finish the trim of area rugs by close-stitching edges with heavy yarn. Colored yarn is commonly used in serging.


A term used to describe what appears to be changes in the color of carpet but is actually different reflections of light due to the orientation of the carpet.


The process of removing any loose ends or fibers sticking out of the carpet after tufting.

Shedding (Carpet)

See Fluffing

Sisal (Carpet)

A type of carpet made from natural plant fibers that has a woven rug look.

Soil Retardant

A substance applied to carpet that makes it less likely to hold dirt and debris.


Small tufts or loops that protrude above the pile surface; can be easily clipped with scissors.

Staple Fiber

Small pieces of fiber that can be converted into yarn using a yarn spinning process.


The act of making a tuft in carpeting.

Stitch Rate

A measurement of how many tufts of yarn are in a certain amount of carpet. It is usually measured in tufts per inch. 7-8 tufts per inch is ideal while 3-4 is low quality.


A method of installing carpet that involves stretching it over a tack-less strip which catches and holds the carpet in place.

Synthetic (Carpet)

Made of chemical, man–made products instead of natural materials.