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concrete glossary

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A long narrow tool pushed over wet concrete to create a smooth, level surface.

Decorative Aggregate

Various colored stones or other materials laid in the surface of wet concrete as a decorative layer.

Decorative Concrete

Concrete that has color, texture, or decorative aggregate to enhance its appearance.


A solution applied to a flooring surface which removes contaminates such as grease and oil.


A term that refers to the separation in the layers of a coating or from the substrate itself due to poor adhesion. It also refers to the separation of the secondary from the primary backing of carpet or the separation of the surface of concrete.


A densifier is a liquid chemical hardener that's used to solidify and densify concrete's surface. It can also help increase concrete's resistance to water.

Diamond Grinding

A process of grinding cement or stone to a polished finish using a floor polisher with diamond embedded abrasives.

Dry Polishing

A method of diamond grinding where the polishing machine is attached to a dust vacuum that sucks up dust from the floor.

Dry-Shake Color Hardener

A dry powdered product that's broadcast over wet concrete. Used to give concrete a stronger and denser finish.

Drying Shrinkage

Used to describe the shrinking of concrete as it dries.


Water or solvent based solutions used to apply a variety of different colors to a flooring surface.