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Faux Rock

Flooring that is made to resemble natural rock. Often seen with concrete that has been textured and colored.

Feather Edge

When using a filler or other material, a feather edge is the seamless blending of the material into the existing flooring.


The fundamental element used to make carpet; can be either synthetic or natural. Fiber can also be used to reinforce cement.


Large areas of flooring that may be inside a band or border.

Film Thickness

Refers to the width of a film when wet, and the final width when dried.

Film-Forming Sealer

A hard, transparent protective film or finish typically used to finish wood products.

Finish Coat

A coat applied to the top of a flooring surface which provides protection for the flooring beneath.


One of the final steps in flooring installation. Can mean applying a layer of finish, or with concrete, smoothing and compacting the surface.

Flashing/Flash Broadcasting

A method used to apply color to wet concrete that involves the application of a dry shake hardener.


A term used to refer to sidewalks, driveways, concrete floors and basements.

Flexural Strength

The ability of a flooring surface to resist bending.

Float and Trowel Textures

Patterns and/or textures that are created in the wet surface of concrete. These patterns are either deep or shallow, and can be found in swirled, arched, and straight line designs.

Float Finish

A rough surface texture applied to wet concrete.

Floor Buffer

A machine used to buff and shine flooring using an abrasive pad.

Floor Polisher

A machine that is pushed across a flooring surface in order to polish it to a shine.

Fly Ash

A product made from ground coal that is used to replace Portland cement in concrete.

Form Liner

The material which lines a mould to create a patterned or smooth appearance in concrete.


A trowel usually 2'- 4' long used for the final smoothing of wet concrete.