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Radiant Heat

Also known as underground heating, this term refers to a heating system installed below the floor surface. Radiant heat uses either hot water, electric resistance coils or steam pipes to heat the floor.


Describes aggregate that has come loose generally at the edges of joints.

Ready-Mixed Concrete

Concrete that has been pre-mixed at the factory.

Rebar/ Reinforcing Bars

Steel bars that are installed in concrete to reinforce its structure.


A formulation of a specific amount of specific products that are combined to achieve a desired result.

Reducer Strip/Reducer

A molding accessory normally used at doorways, fireplaces or to divide a room. A reducer is grooved on one edge and tapered on the other in a teardrop shape.

Reentrant Corner

A corner or angle that points inward in a flooring surface. A concrete reentrant corner is prone to cracking without installation of a control joint.

Reflection Cracking

Cracks in a material which resemble and coincide with cracks in the substrate.

Reinforced Concrete

Concrete that has been strengthened and reinforced by embedding wire mesh or steel rebar.

Release Agent

A product that is applied to a stamping mat or textured skin to prevent it from sticking to the wet concrete. It is available in powder or liquid form.

Resilient (Concrete)

A material's ability to "give" or bounce back, upon contact with another object.

Rock Salt Finish

A process of finishing concrete flooring that involves broadcasting water softener salt pellets onto the surface. These pellets are pressed into the fresh concrete, then dissolved once the concrete is dry, leaving small craters in the concrete floor.

Rustication Strip

A device that is attached to a form or form liner and used to imprint architectural details into concrete.