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concrete glossary

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A term used to describe a surface that is not yet able to be touched without leaving a residue on your fingers or an imprint in the surface.

Tamper / Pounder

A handheld device that is used to firmly imprint skins or mats into concrete that contains a pattern or texture.

Technical Data Sheet

A sheet that lists any safety precautions, recommendations, instructions, or other data about a product that you should know.

Texture Roller

A device that looks similar to a paint roller but has a pattern or texture imprinted in the cylinder. It is rolled onto wet concrete and often used with stencils.


The act of giving a surface a texture that can be felt to the touch.

Texturing Skins

A flexible layer of material with an imbedded texture which is laid onto wet concrete to imprint a design.


A shade of color that is produce by adding a color to white paint or enamel.


Thin coating placed over a flooring surface to add decoration.


A term used to describe a substance that allows light to pass through but is not completely see-through.

Travertine Finishes

A finish that resembles natural travertine, often used on concrete, which offers a stucco-like texture with high spots being smooth and low spots being rough.


A multi-use hand tool available in different sizes and shapes that is used for applying, smoothing, and flattening topping, repair materials, or other products.

Trowel Finish

A concrete floor finish design that is created with a trowel and can be smooth or textured.