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concrete glossary

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Water Plug

A type of cement that is used to fill and seal cracks in concrete.

Water Reducer

A product added to wet concrete which increases slump without decreasing its strength.

Water-Cement Ratio

A measurement of the amount of water compared to the amount of cement in concrete.

Welded Wire Mesh/Welded Wire Fabric

Wire strips that are woven together and welded at each intersection.

Wet Polishing

The process of polishing a surface which uses water to cool the abrasive material and reduce the spreading of dust in the air while working.

White Cement

A type of white Portland cement that is low in iron and is often used with integral pastels or other bright colors.


A term describing the consistency of wet concrete or its ability to be mixed, poured, or molded.

Working Time

The amount of time you have to work with a material before it begins to set, harden, or dry.