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cork glossary

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Bark - The outermost layer of a tree trunk, branch, or twig. Cork flooring is made from the bark of the cork oak tree.

Base Shoe

Base Shoe - Also known as a shoe mold, base shoe moldings are attached to the base molding to cover the expansion gap.

Below Grade

Below Grade - Any floor that is below the level of the ground.


Think of the volume of a piece of wood that is 12" x 12" x 1" or 144 square inches. A board-foot equals that same volume regardless of its surface area. So, a board-foot of a piece of wood that is over 1" thick will have a smaller surface area and you will need more board-feet than you would square feet to cover the same area. If the wood is less than 1" thick it is counted as 1" regardless. It is a little confusing which is why most flooring is sold by the square feet of the surface area and not by volume or board-feet.


The adhesion of one material to another.


A design inlaid in the floor which can be simple or intricate and visually frames the floor.

Brush Marks

Marks left in the finish when it is brushed after it has begun to dry.


The ability to apply finish or other material with a brush without leaving brush marks on other uncured layers.


Bubbles in the finish of a floor caused by air entering the finish before curing.


A machine used for fine sanding.

Build Coat

When extra coats of a finishing material are applied over the sealer or color to build up the fullness of the finished look.


Areas of a floor which experience less foot traffic and are less worn but are coated with finish as often as other areas, leaving a buildup of product and often resulting in a darker appearance.

Bull Nosing

A molding applied to the front of stairs and landings to create a rounded finish.

Butt Joint

The end of a plank or strip where it joins with the end of another plank or strip.