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M. S. D. S.

Stands for Material Safety Data Sheet, a required sheet that lists any hazardous ingredients, safety precautions, and first aid information that a consumer should know about a product.

Manufacturing Defects

Refers to defects that occur during production, not natural blemishes. For example, incorrectly sized boards, improperly squared edges, high moisture content upon arrival, chipped grain, machine burn, and so on.


A general term that refers to a glue or adhesive.


A term used to describe someone who professionally installs flooring.


Due to its composition of millions of microscopic air pockets, cork flooring can flex under foot pressure or other heavy objects and then return to its original shape after impact. This is called having a "memory".


Mill - To cut wood into strips, planks, or other desired shape.

Mineral Spirits

A solvent often used to clean dried glue or other stubborn stains.

Moisture Barrier

A layer of plastic, foil, specialty paper or other material that is applied between the floor and subfloor to prevent the migration of moisture.

Moisture Content

A measuring of the amount of moisture in wood or other flooring. It is calculated as a percentage of the weight of the dry wood.

Moisture Meter

A device used to measure the moisture level in flooring.


Finish that is cured by contact with moisture.


Trims that are used to cover the expansion gap or to transition to another flooring surface.