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hardwood glossary

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Above Grade

Any floor that is above ground level is referred to as above grade.


The wearing away and scuffing of the finish layer of a floor, generally caused by friction from dirt and debris.

Abrasion Resistance

The ability of a flooring surface to resist abrasion when in contact with abrasive materials.


The process of leaving flooring in the area it will be installed for a length of time before installation, allowing it to adapt to the temperature and humidity of the area.


A chemical with a pH rating below 7.

Acrylic Impregnated

A term used to describe wood flooring that is impregnated with acrylic monomers and then polymerized.

Acrylic Resin

A transparent, synthetic resin made by the polymerization of acrylic and methacrylic acid and which is fairly resistant to external contaminates.


The ability of one material to stick to another.


The adhesion of molecules or particles to a surface.

Advanced Decay

Decay of wood or other material in an advanced stage to the point where it becomes structurally unstable.


Dried by air without the use of special equipment.


A chemical with a pH rating above 7.

Alkaline Cleaner

A cleaner with a pH rating above 9.

All Purpose Cleaner

A cleanser that can be used on almost any type of hard flooring, which is always alkaline and not acidic.


When a finish cracks into large segments that appear to resemble alligator hide. This is usually caused by applying coating too heavily or over other coatings that have not cured. It can also be caused by using thinners meant to speed drying time or by applying a layer of finish over another layer with less elasticity.

Aluminum Oxide

A type of finish used on hardwood and laminate floors, considered to be the most durable and scratch resistant.


When your wood or finish changes to a yellowish color.

Aniline Dyes

Dyes made from aniline oils or coal tar derivatives and used in wood stains.

Annual Growth Ring

Every year that a tree grows its trunk and branches add a layer of growth marked by a growth ring.


A floor with a non-slip finish.

Antique Flooring

Flooring that is removed from old building or houses and sold to be reinstalled and refinished.

Applicator Drag

When your applicator seems to drag when applying an additional coat of finish over another coat that is not completely dry. This can cause marks or streaks.

Applicator Marks or Streaks

Occurs when applying another layer of finish before the first one is completely cured. The applicator is drawn across the uncured finish and drags, leaving marks or streaks.

Asphalt Saturated Felt Paper/Asphalt Paper/Felt Paper

A 15lb paper made of asphalt that meets ASTM Standards and helps to resist moisture transfer.


Stands for American Standard Testing Methods, one of the largest international organizations that develops standards for materials, products, systems, and services.