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hardwood glossary

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Hand Scraped

Hand-scraped wood is grooved or scraped by a machine or by hand to add texture and a unique feel to the surface of the floor.


The ability of a flooring to withstand denting or marks when pressure is exerted.


Wood that comes from deciduous trees that are also considered angiosperms. The term refers to trees that produce seeds that have a covering such as apple or acorn seeds and lose their leaves in cold weather. The term has nothing to do with the hardness of the wood, although they tend to be more durable than softwoods.

Healthy Knot

A knot in wood which does not contain bark or rot.


The wood found in the center of the tree that is more mature and usually darker and richer than the exterior wood.

Heavy Streaks

Sufficient spots and streaks large enough to negatively affect the appearance of the wood.


Plank or strip wood floors that are installed in different symmetrical patterns, creating a unique design.

High Solid

A term used to describe liquid with a higher than average amount of solid ingredients.

High-Density Fireboard (HDF)

A high-strength material made of very compact wood fibers and resins that is used in the cores of flooring.

Honey Combing

Checks that are usually found in the interior of a piece of wood along the wood rays.


A measuring of the amount of moisture in the air.


A device used to measure humidity of an area.


Refers to substances such as wood that absorb or expel moisture, making them expand and contract.