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hardwood glossary

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A solution that cures very quickly and is often used as a sealer, which may be incompatible with some stains and topcoats. It contains nitrocellulose and is very flammable.

Lambs Wool Applicator

A tool used to apply finish to a large area that is made of lamb's wool.


A type of high density flooring that gives the appearance of hardwood, ceramic tile, stone or even brick. It generally consists of a moisture barrier, a layer of high density fiberboard with a very high resolution image, and a very durable, clear layer of resin-coated cellulose.

Laminated Wood

Laminated Wood - A type of high density flooring that gives the appearance of hardwood. It is made similar to regular laminate but uses a thin piece of real wood instead of a high resolution image in its top layer.


A verb which means to lay or place a coat so it covers the edge of a previous coat, causing an increased thickness.


The ability of a liquid to flow so that the surface becomes flat, level, and free of bumps.

Long Strip Plank

A type of engineered floor that has several smaller strips of wood glued together on one core to create the look of a board that is three rows wide and several planks long.