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laminate glossary

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Main Light Source

Refers to the main source of light in a room, generally a window or a glass door. Flooring should be installed parallel to the source so that the light shines down the length of the boards.

Manufacturing Defects

Defects that occur during production, not natural blemishes. For example, incorrectly sized boards, improperly squared edges, high moisture content upon arrival, chipped grain, machine burn, and so on.

Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)

A type of material similar to particleboard that is used to make the core of some flooring products. It is made of wood waste fibers that are compressed and glued together under high heat and pressure.

Melamine Infused

A process where plastic is incorporated into the core board of a piece of flooring, increasing its moisture resistance and durability.

Melamine Resin

A plastic that is infused into the core of some flooring materials to increase its moisture resistance and durability.


A wood flooring term which describes the cut of an angle at approximately 45º on the top edge of a plank or strip which forms a shallow V shaped groove when it comes together with another plank or strip on either side. It is rounded on both edges a

Moisture Content

A measuring of the amount of moisture in wood or other flooring. It is calculated as a percentage of the weight of the dry wood.

Moisture Meter

A device used to measure the moisture level in flooring.


Trims which are used to cover the expansion gap or to transition to another flooring surface.