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Back Butter

The act of applying a layer of glue or adhesive to the back of a tile before installation.

Backing (Stone)

The bottommost layer of the flooring that sits closest to the substrate. In carpet, this is the material that the fabric is tufted or woven into.


A section of wall behind a counter or sink.

Balanced Cuts

Tile that is cut to fit where full tiles will not.


A word often used to describe tiles that are cut and placed where a baseboard would normally go.


A floor trim similar to a baseboard.

Beating Block

A block of wood that is often used with a mallet to firmly embed tiles into an adhesive.

Black Granite

Stone composed of interlocking crystals which has a dark gray or black color. It is actually not true granite as it contains little or no alkalic feldspar.


A term that describes the fullness of a finishing material.

Border Stone

A piece of stone that is used to create a border and is often a different color or shade than the other pieces.


A type of sandstone used for stone flooring that has large amounts of iron oxide which gives it a reddish-brown color.

Brushed Finish

A finishing technique that involves brushing a flooring surface with an abrasive brush to replicate the appearance of natural wear.

Building Stone

Natural rock as it is found in the Earth's crust that can be cut into different dimensions for different uses.

Bull Nose Tiles

Tiles with built in bull nosing, also known as caps.

Bull Nosing

A molding applied to the front of stairs and landings, used to create a rounded finish.


See Back Buttering