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Limestone that is mostly composed of calcite or aragonite, which is usually fragments of shells.

Calcite Limestone

A type of natural stone composed of limestone and 5% or less magnesium carbonate.


When a material such as stone or cement is cut or sanded so that it is uniformly thick throughout the entire slab.


A trim that usually goes around windows, doors, or entryways.


A flexible product that is spread into joints to provide a barrier against water and air.

Cement Backer Unit / C.B.U.

A layer of material that is placed between a wooden subfloor and cement flooring to provide support and a moisture barrier.

Cement Board


Panels of aggregate cement reinforced on each side with glass-fiber mesh.

Cement Body Tile

Tiles made of cement and sand.

Coefficient of Friction / C.O.F.

Refers to a surface's ability to resist objects slipping or sliding across it.

Conductive Tile

A type of tile flooring that conducts electricity and can often transmit it safely to the ground below.

Conventional Installation

A tile flooring installation method using cement mortar to affix the tile to the subfloor.


A cream, yellow, or grayish colored limestone found on the shoreline near St. Augustine, Florida. It contains full or broken shells and sometimes small amounts of coral that are imbedded in calcite. It is very coarse and porous.


A tile used as a trim around corners and baseboards that is concave on one edge.


A split or separation in the surface of a floor. Often must extend to a specific depth to be considered a crack.


Small cracks or checks that interlace in the surface of a finishing product.

Crystalline Limestone

A type of limestone made of calcite and interlocking crystalline grains of different minerals.


When properties of an adhesive or cement are changed by a chemical reaction which allows it to reach its maximum strength. This is generally done by condensation, heat, or another catalyst.

Cut Stone

Natural stone that has been cut or trimmed to a specified dimension.