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Edge-Bonded Tile

See Pre-Grouted Tile


Salt deposits that form on the surface of concrete when sodium calcium hydroxide mixes with carbon dioxide.

Embossed (Stone)

A styling technique that consists of a three dimensional pattern or design in a surface.

Epoxy Adhesive

A type of adhesive that contains an epoxy resin and a hardener, used to adhere tiles to the surface beneath.

Epoxy Grout

A type of grout which contains an epoxy resin and a hardener, used to fill joints and grout lines.

Expansion Joint

A space left around the perimeter of the room or between sections of flooring that allows for the movement and expansion of the flooring.

Exposed Aggregate

Colored rocks or other aggregate exposed on the surface of concrete, generally by using abrasive materials or a pressure washer to remove the surface mortar. It is also seen on the surface of natural stone flooring.