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A facility or area of operations where stone and other material is cut and customized to specific dimensions.

Facial Defect

A defect on a flooring surface which diminishes the overall appearance.

Feature Strip

A design feature, similar to a border, that is used as an accent to enhance flooring.


Limestone that has a large content of iron oxide and is soft when taken from the earth, but becomes hard after exposure.

Field Stone

Boulders, cobbles, or other loose chunks of rock found scattered around a quarry.

Field Tile

Tiles used for the largest areas of flooring which may be inside a band or border.


The act of filling voids in a surface with a filler.


The coating applied to the surface of flooring to provide protection.

Finished Stone

Stone that has been finished or dressed on the surface.

Fire Decorating

A technique that involves firing decoration onto a flooring surface.

Fire Resistance

A term used to describe the ability of flooring to withstand fire.

Fire Retardant

A chemical used to make a floor more fire resistant.

Flamed Finish

A finishing technique that is often used on stone flooring to achieve a rough, textured surface. The surface is heated by flame until it is very hot and then quickly cooled causing the surface to pop and chip.

Floating Floor Installation

A common flooring installation method where the floor floats on an underlayment and planks are hooked together in a tongue and groove mechanism. Glue is sometimes used in the seams of the tongue and groove, but the flooring is not attached to the subfloor

Floor Tile

A tile that is strong enough to be installed on a floor for everyday use.


An object or surface that is level with another object or surface.


A crack or break in rock or another surface.

Frost Proof Tile

A flooring tile that is resistant to damage from freezing and thawing.