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Manufactured Stone / Agglomerate Stone

A type of flooring that consists of a binding material such as cement, polyester, or epoxy with stone chips suspended in it. It has quadruple the flexibility of granite and is less prone to cracking and chipping.


A type of limestone that is extremely hard and durable and often polished to a shine. It contains re-crystallized calcite or dolomite, is available in a multitude of colors, and often has the appearance of veins. Common types of marble include Travertine,

Masonry Cement

A mixture of cement with hydrated lime added to increase the workability.

Medium Duty Tile

Tile that meets specific standards and is suitable for medium traffic areas.

Metamorphic Rock

A type of rock created when igneous or sedimentary rock "morphs," usually due to heat and pressure in the Earth's crust. Examples of this include marble, quartzite, and slate.


The "morphing" of an igneous or sedimentary rock, usually due to heat and pressure in the Earth's crust.

Modular Multiple-Cut / Pattern Cut

Standard patterns or cuts of stone cut in different multiples of a height.


Trims used to cover the expansion gap or to transition to another flooring surface.


A cementious mixture that also contains sand, water, and lime and is used to adhere masonry such as ceramic tile or stone to the surface beneath.


A pattern or irregular design created with smaller pieces of flooring.

Mosaic Tile

Small tiles, usually less than six square inches, which are laid together to form patterns or irregular designs.

Mounted Tile

Tile that is pre-mounted either on the surface or on the backside by mesh, paper, resin, or another material.


A slang term for mortar made of sand and cement.