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A type of flooring that consists of small pieces or chips of stone set or mixed into a cementious material and then polished.

Thin Marble

Marble flooring that is 2" or less thick.

Thin Stone/Thin Veneer

A layer of flooring that is less than 2" thick.

Thin-Set Mortar

A thin layer of cementious adhesive that is spread onto a surface which tile is then laid into.


A thin piece or slab of ceramic, stone, or another material, often used for flooring, roofs, or interior or exterior decoration.


A term used for the leeway a product can have in dimension that is ordered at a specific size.

Tooled Finish

A flooring finish that has 4-8 parallel, concave grooves per inch.


A term used to describe a substance that allows light to pass through but is not completely see-through.


A type of natural stone that belongs to the limestone family. Also called Calcium Carbonate, travertine is formed when minerals dissolve in the water on the ground and are deposited on the surface.

Travertine Limestone / Travertine Marble

A type of limestone that has winding, irregular holes in the surface and often has areas that display small stalactites.


The materials used to give the flooring a finished look and cover expansion gaps. This includes T-moldings, baseboards, quarter rounds, etc.

Tumbled Finish

A finish often used on tiles where they are placed in a machine and tumbled to deliver a tile that is chipped or broken around corners and does not usually have square edges as a result.