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Janka Hardness 2900 (what's this? )
Bloodwood is 230% as hard as Red Oak (2900 on the Janka scale vs. 1260 for Red Oak).
  • Flooring Trade Name
  • Botanical Name
    Brosimum, rubescens
  • Lumber Trade Name(s)
    Bloodwood, Cardinal wood
  • Origin
    South America
  • Description
    Bloodwood is very dense and known for its fine texture, and exceptional luster.
  • Stability
    Bloodwood demonstrates an average level of stability, similar to Red Oak.
  • Safety/Allergic Reactions
    No information available at this time
  • Color Change (photo-sensitivity)
    Bloodwood undergoes a medium degree of color change from pale orangey reds to a deep dark red as it ages. 
  • Color Range
    Bloodwood has a wide range of color variations, from light shades of orange to deep red.
  • Other Characteristics
    Despite being hard and tough, bloodwood works easily with both hand and power tools. If you are nailing the wood, it may require pre-drilled holds to prevent splitting. It holds screws well, and it glues, stains, and polishes to a very attractive finish. To avoid a possible allergic reaction to the material, wear a dusk mask and long-sleeve shirt when working with bloodwood.

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