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Janka Hardness 1925 (what's this? )
Merbau is 153% as hard as Red Oak (1925 on the Janka scale vs. 1260 for Red Oak).
  • Flooring Trade Name
  • Botanical Name
    Intsia, spp / Intsia biuga / Intsia palembanica spp
  • Lumber Trade Name(s)
    Merbau, Kwila
  • Origin
  • Description
    Merbau has a grain that varies from straight to interlocked to wavy. The surface of the wood may have yellow flecking in the pores and when finished the wood may appear to have been flecked with gold.
  • Stability
    Merbau demonstrates a high level of stability, superior to Red Oak.
  • Safety/Allergic Reactions
    No information available at this time
  • Color Change (photo-sensitivity)
    Merbau undergoes a medium to large degree of color change, with the muting of the color variation from when fresh milled, and with darkening over time to deeper orange brown color. 
  • Color Range
    Merbau varies greatly in color, ranging from light to dark browns, with some pieces showing yellow dust in the pores, giving each piece the appearance of gold flecking.

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