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Janka Hardness 1575 (what's this? )
Zebrawood is 125% as hard as Red Oak (1575 on the Janka scale vs. 1260 for Red Oak).
  • Flooring Trade Name
  • Botanical Name
    Microberlina, brazzavillensis
  • Lumber Trade Name(s)
  • Origin
  • Description
    Zebrawood has a grain that can be straight to interlocked and has a moderately coarse texture.
  • Stability
    Zebrawood demonstrates a low level of stability, inferior to Red Oak.
  • Safety/Allergic Reactions
    Zebrawood has been associated with adverse respiratory reactions.
  • Color Change (photo-sensitivity)
    Zebrawood, over time, undergoes a medium degree of color change, with the ambering and darkening of the straw tan background into a more golden brown base as the dark striping becomes even darker.
  • Color Range
    Zebrawood ranges widely in color, with whitish sapwood and heartwood in shades of light yellow brown with dark streaks.

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