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Installing Bamboo Flooring Around Trims & Transitions

How to Install on Stairs, Around Brickwork & More.

Download Bamboo Flooring Installation Instructions | PDF's
PDF icon for PDF fileQuick Guide on How–to–Install a Pre–Finished Bamboo Floor – 300kb pdf | Our short installation guide for those with DIY experience.
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fileFull Guide – Complete Installation Instructions on Installing your Bamboo Floor – 1.5 mb pdf | Our full set of DIY installation instructions.

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Bamboo flooring can be installed in a variety of special circumstance areas such as on stairs or around brickwork. For more detailed information about installing in these areas, download the full Installing Prefinished Bamboo Flooring Guide & Instructions above.

Installing on Stairs

You have two options when installing bamboo flooring on stairs:

  • Use prefabricated stair treads and risers.
  • Use stair nose and bamboo flooring boards.

NOTE: Safety is a major concern when installing bamboo on stairs. All stairs should be glued as well as nailed/screwed down every 8".

Installing Around Brickwork

When installing bamboo around brickwork (such as fireplaces) you can:

  • Undercut the brickwork and install the bamboo underneath. The brickwork will cover all expansion spacing.
  • Install the bamboo flush with brickwork and use end molding to hide the expansion/contraction spacing.

Your bamboo floor does not need any time to set. Once you place your last cleat, you can remove all spacers and begin using your new bamboo floor.