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Installing Carpet Tiles

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How To Install Carpet Tiles

Download Carpet Flooring Installation Instructions | PDF's
PDF icon for PDF fileQuick Guide on How–to–Install Carpet – 300kb pdf | Our short installation guide for those with DIY experience.
PDF icon for PDF fileFull Guide – Complete Installation Instructions on Installing your Carpet – 1.5 mb pdf | Our full set of DIY installation instructions.

Installing carpet tiles is similar to installing vinyl tiles. Before installation, follow your manufacturer's specific storage and acclimatization guidelines.

Install Carpet Tiles

Begin in the middle of the room and establish your pattern then work your way towards the walls.

  1. Snap a chalk line between two opposite walls.
  2. Center one carpet tile directly on top of the rectangle (right angles) formed by the 2 chalk lines in the center of the room. Weight the tile down but DO NOT adhere to the subfloor yet.
  3. Snap a chalk line between walls along the four sides of your center tile to give you a starting grid. Place painters tape along chalk lines to define them better, if desired.
  4. Layout your carpet tiles in all directions to establish the pattern for the room. DO NOT secure to the subfloor yet. Ensure the piles are running in the correct directions and that the pattern will work with your room dimensions.
  5. Once satisfied with the fit, begin securing the carpet tiles to the subfloor. Start with the center carpet tile and work your way towards walls in each direction. Carpet tiles should be snug but not overlapping. Ensure the carpet pile does not get stuck between the seams.
  6. Along walls, scribe fit your carpet tiles to fit.

Let the Floor Set

Allow your carpet tiles to set according to your flooring manufacturer's recommendations. Once set, vacuum and begin using your newly carpeted area.

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