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Installing Felt Backed Vinyl Sheet Flooring

How to Install

Download Vinyl Flooring Installation Instructions | PDF's
PDF icon for PDF fileQuick Guide on How–to–Install a Vinyl Floor – 300kb pdf | Our short installation guide for those with DIY experience.
PDF icon for PDF fileFull Guide – Complete Installation Instructions on Installing your Vinyl Floor – 1.0 mb pdf | Our full set of DIY installation instructions.

Felt–backed sheet vinyl can be installed with or without seams. Store your roll of felt–backed sheet vinyl in the installation area for 24 hours so the material can acclimatize to the room conditions.

Use this method when you are working in a small area with few obstacles that will require only one sheet of vinyl.

  1. Measure your installation area. Add 3 inches to each of your measurements.
  2. Cut out your sheet vinyl based on your measurements.
  3. Place the vinyl in the installation area. Trim away all excess around walls and obstacles.
  4. Roll one half of the vinyl back and secure with masking tape.
  5. Apply the adhesive to the subfloor or perimeter as directed by the manufacturer.
  6. Unroll and lay the vinyl into the adhesive. Apply pressure from the center to the edges. Roll the floor with a 100–lb roller as directed by the manufacturer.
  7. Repeat steps 4 through 6 for the other half of the vinyl.
  8. Re–roll the entire floor as directed by the manufacturer.
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