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kid friendly floors – concrete flooring

Concrete Flooring

Flooring Type - Concrete

Kids flooring should be easy to take care of, and concrete flooring can't be beaten for ease of maintenance. Concrete floors are simple to clean and stay looking great for a long time. Concrete flooring comes in variety of different designs and colors, so you won't have to sacrifice style for practicality.


  • Moisture resistant when properly sealed
  • Durable, hard surface resists most scratching
  • Most spills are easy to wipe up when properly sealed
  • Hypoallergenic characteristics make it great for kids with respiratory issues
  • Resistant to mold and bacteria (antimicrobial)


  • A smooth finish may make for a slippery surface
  • Can be uncomfortable for kids to play on
  • Hard surface may be painful or cause injury in the event of a fall
  • Unsealed concrete floors can be porous and may absorb spilled liquids
  • Liquids containing acids (such as urine and some cleaners) can dull or damage the finish used on concrete floors
  • Coarse concrete aggregate can provide an unforgiving surface for kids

Kid–Safe Flooring Tips – Concrete Flooring

  • Immediately clean up all spills, dirt, and debris
  • Reduce the risk of slipping by choosing a slightly–textured concrete surface
  • Avoid using acidic cleaners on concrete floors
  • Place non–slip rugs or mats in areas where children run or frequently visit