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kid friendly floors – laminate flooring

Laminate Flooring

Flooring Type - Laminate

Laminate floors gives you the opportunity to have beautiful floors that are also affordable and durable. Laminate is available in various colors and designs and even comes in patterns made to look just like costlier hardwood, marble and tile flooring. If you expect that your kids will be roller–skating or riding their bikes indoors, laminate may be a good option. The cost for replacing and repairing laminate is less expensive than hardwood and marble – plus, you may be able to do many of the repairs yourself!


  • Harder laminate types, such as high pressure laminate (HPL), won't scratch or dent easily
  • Accidents and spills can be easily wiped away
  • Damaged laminate pieces can be replaced individually, saving you the cost of having to replace the entire floor


  • Some laminate can still be scratched
  • May swell or warp under pooled liquid or standing water
  • Hard surface can be uncomfortable for kids to play and fall on
  • Laminate flooring with a smooth finish can be slippery
  • Chemicals used in production and installation may bother children with allergies or asthma (adhesives and finishes may contain harmful VOCs* or formaldehyde)

    *VOCs are carbon–based, chemical compounds that outgas from certain floor types and products. They are believed to induce allergy–like symptoms and even increase cancer risk.

Kid–Safe Flooring Tips – Laminate Flooring

  • Clean up spills, dirt and debris immediately
  • Protect your subfloor with a moisture barrier or underlayment such as cork or foam rubber
  • Place non–slip mats or rugs in areas where children run or visit
  • Select laminate with a higher Abrasion Class Rating (AC rating) such as AC3, AC4 or AC5 as these are designed to handle a higher level of wear
  • Choose high–pressure laminate rather than direct–pressure laminate as they are stronger and can typically withstand very heavy traffic