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kid friendly floors – stone flooring

Stone Flooring

Flooring Type - Stone

Most natural stone floors can stay looking great for years and require very little maintenance. Stone flooring offers a range of attractive options, many of which are resistant to damage caused by high traffic and frequent spills. However, some types of stone flooring can be very slippery when wet. If you have small children, make sure to wipe up spills immediately to minimize the chance of slipping and falling. Also consider putting down area rugs and mats in areas where kids are most likely to frequent.


  • Antimicrobial (resistant to fungi, mold and bacterial growth)
  • Some types of stone are scratch resistant
  • Can be moisture resistant when properly sealed, although spills should still be cleaned up immediately


  • Some stone floor types can be slippery underfoot
  • Softer, porous stone flooring such as limestone can be more easily scratched or damaged
  • Grout may stain
  • Hard surface of many stone floor types can be painful for kids should they fall
  • Porous stone floors may absorb liquid and debris
  • Acidic liquids (such as urine and some cleaners) can cause damage

Kid–Safe Flooring Tips – Stone Flooring

  • Immediately clean up all spills, dirt and debris
  • Tightly seal all grout lines
  • Use darker grout that can disguise stains
  • Protect the subfloor with a moisture barrier or underlayment such as cork or foam rubber
  • Select slightly textured stone floors to reduce the risk of slipping
  • Place non–slip rugs or mats in areas where children run or visit