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Like people, all pets are different. The amount of damage one pet can inflict on a floor surface depends on two things: the type of animal and the type of floor. Based upon height, weight and lifestyle, one pet may be able to wear down a hardwood floor in a couple of years while another may do little to no harm whatsoever.

Before you fall in love with a 200–pound Mastiff, take note of the flooring you already have in your home. When it comes to floors and pets, there isn't a "one fits all" solution. It's important you choose flooring for your home that can withstand your particular pet's damage potential while still providing a comfortable surface for you and your pet to walk, sit and run on.

To help make the task of finding the best flooring for your pet easier, we've listed the pros and cons of all of the most popular floor types. Here you can read about the benefits of a variety of floor types such as bamboo, carpet, concrete, cork, hardwood, laminate, linoleum, stone, tile and vinyl. Refer to this section when determining which floor type is best suited to your pet and lifestyle.

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