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pet friendly floors – carpeting


Flooring Type - Carpet

Carpet provides a comfortable surface that pets and people enjoy walking and lying on. However, carpet is known to trap and harbor pet dander, one of the most common household allergens. All in all, carpet can be difficult to maintain, especially if your pet sheds often and/or is prone to accidents.


  • Comfortable for pets to walk and lie on
  • Non–slip surface
  • Stain–resistant carpet types are available and may allow you to clean up spills and accidents before they sink in.
    Note: Stain–resistant carpet is treated with chemicals to help prevent most stains from settling. If left long enough, liquid or standing water can still stain these carpet types.
  • Helps reduce indoor sound transmission


  • Can hold onto dirt and debris, making thorough cleaning difficult
  • Can quickly absorb spills and accidents
  • Moisture or liquid exposure can cause bacterial growth
  • May stain more easily than other types of flooring
  • Pet nails can catch in carpet, especially loop pile carpet
  • Pets may dig at corners or seams and pull carpet up or apart
  • Not ideal for pets with allergies or sensitivities, as carpet and glue may contain volatile organic compounds or VOCs*
    Note: Birds in particular are sensitive to VOCs.
  • Can hold on to animal dander, dust and other allergens
  • Can be a breeding ground for fleas

*Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) are carbon–based chemical compounds that can be found in flooring materials, adhesives and cleaners, and can cause allergic reactions and/or illness.

Pet–Friendly Flooring Tips – Carpet

  • Choose the most pet–friendly carpet. This may include carpet types that are: tightly piled, stain resistant or have low chemical content (such as Olefin, nylon, etc.)
  • Keep your pets' nails trimmed and smooth so they won't snag the carpet
  • Frequently vacuum to prevent dirt and debris from being pushed into the carpet
  • Protect the subfloor with a moisture barrier or underlayment such as cork or foam rubber
  • Immediately clean up all spills and accidents