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pet friendly floors – linoleum flooring

Linoleum Flooring

Flooring Type - Linoleum

Linoleum flooring is not only a good choice for pets, it's also environmentally friendly. Sourced entirely from natural materials, linoleum emits little to no VOCs, is water–resistant and hypoallergenic. With their classic look and undeniable utility, linoleum floors have been a traditional choice in areas like kitchens and bathrooms for decades.


  • Hard; durable surface resists most scratching
  • Spills and accidents can easily be wiped up
  • Antibacterial properties allow linoleum to resist mold and fungi growth
  • Antistatic
  • Hypoallergenic; resists allergens such as mites and pet dander
  • Maintains a relatively warm surface


  • Can still be scratched or gouged
  • Smooth finishes can make for a slippery floor surface
  • Can be hard and unforgiving on pets' and pet owners' joints

Pet–Friendly Flooring Tips – Linoleum Flooring

  • Clean up spills, dirt and debris immediately
  • Keep pets' nails trimmed to reduce scratching
  • Use an underlayment or moisture barrier such as cork or foam rubber to protect the subfloor
  • Put pet boots or nail caps on your pets to reduce slippage
  • Use non–slip mats or rugs beneath food and water dishes, as well as in high–traffic pet areas where they frequently visit