Adding Pizazz to Your Floors With Area Rugs

Monday June 02, 2008
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One of the easiest and most inexpensive ways to add pizzazz to your floors is with an area rug.

Area rugs are a great alternative to wall-to-wall carpeting and can be found in an array of different styles. You can change your rugs according to season or décor, and they’re a great way to add bursts of color or patterns to just about any room of the home. The versatility of area rugs extends from indoor-outdoor use to stairway and hallway runners, custom designs, and more. To help you choose the right one for you, here is a quick rundown of a few of the more popular types of area rugs.

  • Oriental: These area rugs are generally hand-woven in places like India, China, Romania and Iran. Made of the highest quality materials, they are extremely durable. The more expensive varieties are made of silk, while Oriental area rugs made of wool tend to be within reach of the average homeowner.
  • Contemporary: Often used as an art element for the floor of your home, contemporary area rugs boast bright, bold colors and designs. You can get them custom-made to match the overall décor of a given room, enhancing other decorative features such as artwork, wallpaper, paint, and furnishings.
  • Persian: Persian rugs have intricate designs that are usually geometric or pictorial. They originate from a variety of places ranging from busy metropolitan areas to rural villages. Persian rugs tend to age well.
  • Braided: Seen most often in homes with an Americana theme, braided area rugs are a durable and crafty flooring option. They are generally round in nature and give a room a country feel.
  • Shag: Made popular in the 1970s, shag area rugs are usually seen in homes with a modern décor. Made of long-lasting, thick fibers, they are great for insulating cold floors and absorbing noise. Gone are the tacky styles of yesterday; today’s shag rugs are made in bold colors and fun designs.

Most area rugs are easy to care for and are easily stored in an attic or garage space. They can be changed often, depending on the décor of a room. Try one out as an inexpensive, fun, easy-to-find flooring option for your home.

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Fashionable again
It's almost 12 years since you posted article and they are interesting again!
February 24 2020
I agree
I just decorated my entire house with area rugs. It works great with my hardwood floors. I love it.
September 4 2008
I was planning on buying carpet to put over my hardwood floors, but after this article, I think I will buy a few area rugs instead. I never thought of switching them out for the seasons. Good article!
August 25 2008
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