African Padauk Hardwood Floors

Friday October 23, 2009
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There are 35 known species of Padauks, all of which are African and Asian in origin. The best known African Padauk goes by the botanical name of Pterocarpus Soyauxii and is also called African Coralwood. The tree grows to a height of between 27 and 34 metres. It is much valued for its timber which is hard, strong and heavy and is exceptionally resistant to decay. However Padauk is harvested from other species as well. Most of the African varieties are found in Central and West Africa.

Freshly cut African Padauk or Pterocarpus Soyauxii is a very bright red in color which being photosensitive fades over a time to a warm brown. African Padauk of this variety is especially popular because of its color. In appearance, this hardwood has a grain that varies from straight to interlocked, and is of a somewhat coarse texture with large pores.

Padauk is rated at 1725 on the Janka scale. Even so it is relatively easy to work with, holds nails and screws well and glues easily. When sawing, carbide cutting tools are recommended. Padauk sands satisfactorily and requires no staining but can still be finished to a beautiful sheen.

Padauk hardwood floors are prized as flooring because the wood is hard and dimensionally stable and because of its vivid reddish orange color. It is 30% harder than red oak and 18% harder than maple.

Apart from flooring, Padauk is popularly used for decorative purposes, fancy turning and carvings.

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