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Wednesday September 16, 2009
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Alloc is one of the leading laminate flooring manufacturers. Almost 15 years ago Alloc invented a category of laminate flooring that required no glue. The company was committed to producing a product with superior performance and design. All the products that leave the factory are oriented toward maximum resilience and strength. The durable top layers have outstanding resistance to moisture and stains. Alloc laminate flooring have sound-absorbing underlayments, high performance cores and possess an genuine resemblance to wood. Alloc products are designed for exceptional wear resistance without compromising their rich and beautiful appearance. Alloc floors retain their looks for almost a lifetime.

Alloc has diversified considerably with different product lines all of which possess the exceptional qualities to which the company is committed. Finishes are now better than ever with detailing that closely resembles the touch and appearance of real wood. Alloc products are designed for a variety of applications from a warm domestic look for a den or dining room to practical easy–to–maintain flooring for a commercial complex.

An Alloc laminate floor is the ideal choice for easy and practical installation that can be handled by any DIY enthusiast. Its patented, durable locking system makes installation an error free and foolproof task.

Alloc products are forestry certified and environmentally friendly. The company, located in Racine, Wisconsin, is a member of the Beaulieu International Group, a world leader in the field of manufacturing and marketing of floor covering. In the accessories range, Alloc also produces a technically superior underlayment for floating floors; laminate floor cleaner and wood moldings.

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