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Monday October 19, 2009
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Cork is a unique flooring material known not merely for its durability and foot comfort but also for its thermal and acoustic insulation properties. Of all types of floor options, cork perhaps rates highest in these properties. In-built in its structure, cork contains millions of tiny air cells because of which cork has a natural springiness which makes it a comfortable surface to walk on. Its porosity also accounts for cork’s low density. Cork is also durable flooring that is able to withstand high density traffic. This wear resistance is augmented by special treatment of the top surface exposed to abrasions.

Apart from its looks, the attraction in using cork for flooring is that it is sourced from a renewable resource. Cork is harvested from the bark of the cork–oak tree. Periodic harvesting necessary and good for the tree as it extends its life. On average, the life span of a tree is around 200 years. The bark is generally harvested once every decade. These trees are found in Western Europe, North Africa and along the Mediterranean coast.

AmCork is a company that imports and deals in cork flooring. Their flooring is sold in the form of tiles and planks for floating cork floors. Their cork floor tiles and planks come in a wide assortment of colors from dark ebony to light opal. The flooring is sold as glue–in–place tiles of 12" x 12" x 3/16" with a density of 31 lbs per cubic foot. Cork floor planks are 12" x 36" x 7/16" with the underlayment attached. They can be snapped together through a tongue and groove arrangement. Both tiles and planks are acrylic-finished and free of volatile organic compounds or organic solvents.

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