Antique Oriental Area Rugs

Wednesday May 06, 2009
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Handmade antique Oriental area rugs are a highly sought after collector’s item. When buying antique area rugs, there are three main factors to consider: Age, Condition and Aesthetic Value.


When it comes to classifying area rugs as “antique” there are some basic guidelines that are followed by most area rug retailers. For a rug to be considered truly antique, it should be eight years or older, though many argue 100 years or older and some say 50. The older a rug is, the more it is usually worth.


The condition of an antique area rug is also important. While it is expected that most antique rugs will be faded as most were made with vegetable dyes, holes and other serious damage can greatly affect the antique Oriental area rug’s value.

Aesthetic Value

Aesthetically speaking, antique rugs with intricate designs and patterns are more valuable than those with simple patterns or designs. In addition to considering the level of detail that an antique oriental area rug has, you must also take into consideration your own aesthetic preferences.

You can find antique area rugs in sizes that range from small area rugs to palace sized area rugs. Area rug runners can also be considered antique rugs.

To learn about the different types of construction methods used to make antique oriental area rugs and modern area rugs, visit FindAnyFloor’s section on Area Rugs Constructions.

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