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Wednesday April 29, 2009
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When it comes to cleaning area rugs, it’s pretty basic. Major cleaning should be left to a carpet steam cleaning professional or a drycleaner, so this blog will cover everyday upkeep and spot cleaning in between professional area rug cleaning.

One of the best things that you can do to keep your area rug looking new is to vacuum daily or as often possible. This will give your rug a defense against dry soiling and build–up of dirt and grime. When you vacuum, you should vacuum in two different directions to prevent matting and to thoroughly clean the carpet fibers.

If you have area rugs with a long, looped pile, you should avoid using a vacuum with a beater bar and simply use suction instead. This is because the beater bar can catch and pull on the pile’s loops. The same goes for using a vacuum with a beater bar on an antique area rug or a delicate silk rug.

When it comes to spot cleaning, your area rug manufacturer will usually recommend a spray–on cleaning solution that will remove most stains. If you use an off–brand carpet cleaner, you may want to try an oxy cleaning solution. I must stress that you should always check with the manufacturer of your area rug before using anything besides their recommended area rug cleaning products. You should never try to spot clean an area rug that is not colorfast as its colors may bleed.

When it comes to an all–over cleaning, area rugs should be taken to a dry cleaner is they are small enough, or a professional carpet cleaner can come to your home to clean larger area rugs. There are also some area rugs that are specified to be safe for machine washing, though most rugs are not. You should never wash an area rug that has not been specified as safe for washing machine as chances are good that your rug will be ruined. Once an area rug has been professionally steam cleaned or dry cleaned, it should be laid flat, not folded, until it is completely dry.

For more information on cleaning and caring for area rugs, visit FindAnyFloor's section on Area Rug Care and Maintenance.

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October 19 2016
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June 20 2013
Area Rugs
oh no, im sorry about your rug. No offense but glad I saw your post and this area rug article before I ruined mine too. Cheers!
May 11 2009
I ruined my area rug (it was a looped area rug) when I vacuumed over it. BOO! Im so disappointed. I wish I would have know that my rug would fall apart if vacuumed with the brissels. Be careful anyone who has a looped rug like I have. I ruined mine. :(
May 4 2009
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