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Thursday February 19, 2009
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Vinyl floor tiles made by Armstrong consist of 4 different layers: a protective wear layer, protective clear film layer, a printed design layer and a vinyl tile backing. The result is a durable and relatively easy-to-maintain surface that can last for years when properly cared for. The protective wear layer is made with urethane and high-quality wear layers. This helps to maximize the floor's resistance to scuffing and scratching. The protective clear film layer and floor backing increases vinyl floor tiles' durability and structural strength.

Armstrong® LogoArmstrong vinyl floor tiles can be purchased in 3 different installation methods: QuickTac, glued and professionally installed vinyl flooring.

The new QuickTac installation glueless vinyl floor tiles can be installed with either spray adhesive or adhesive tabs and are ideal for do-it-yourself installation. Armstrong also makes specially formulated adhesives and subfloor preparation tools that can help ensure a successful installation. If you don't feel up to the challenge of installing vinyl floor tiles on your own, hire an Armstrong flooring professional. They can help make sure that your vinyl floor tiles are installed the right way, the first time around.

Ceramic tile, slate and mosaic patterns are just a sample of Armstrong's® vinyl tile selectionArmstrong vinyl floor tiles come in a wide range of realistic and unique-looking patterns. They guarantee consistent color that is free from irregularities. Armstrong can also make vinyl floor tiles in various shapes and sizes to suit your living space.

Armstrong vinyl floors are made with a wear layer called CleanSweep that can help ensure a higher level of stain resistance. Vinyl floor tiles are also treated with ToughGuard to help prevent vinyl floors from denting and tearing as a result of regular wear. Most importantly, Armstrong makes green vinyl floor tiles that contain a safe amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Any vinyl floor tiles that have a FloorScore certification meet or exceed low VOC emission standards. Essentially, this means better indoor air quality (IAQ) for your home.


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Vinyl flooring is great. I would pick it out of many other types of flooring avaialable on the market. So detailed, they look like the real thing.Thanks for the posting. Good Info!
April 29 2009
not a professional . . .
thanks for the info. i am pretty sure I'm not a pro when it comes to installing any type of floor. glad to see Armstrong has the whole package when it comes to buying vinyl floors and having someone come in and install it as well.
April 16 2009
DIY-not as easy as it looks
Installed Armstrong's Vinyl in my home, did it myself. I screwed it up royally and eventually an Armstrong flooring professional came and fixed it or rather re-installed the entire floor. If you don't know what you're doing get a pro to install your vinyl because the floor will be better off if its done correctly-the first time. good luck to all do it yourself floor installers. it isn't as easy as it looks!!!
April 2 2009
Armstrong Vinyl Tile Installation
Armstrong Vinyl Tiles were just recently installed by a flooring professional in my home. After my vinyl tile installation I had a party with a lot of people. Considering my tense moments in which someone was destined to scratch my new floor I was pleasantly surprised when there were no scuffs or scratches.A friend of mine also spilled red wine which was wiped up with no stain left behind. I learned that Armstrong's professionally installed vinyl flooring held up because of its 4 different layers two of which maximized my floors resistance to scratching and staining. My vinyl floor is a unique looking pattern and if it were scratched no one would notice, but me. I felt very comfortable because my vinyl tiles were installed correctly and beautifully.
March 23 2009
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