Bamboo Flooring - A Great Alternative to Hardwood Floors

Friday February 20, 2009
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When people hear about bamboo flooring, their first instinct is to wonder how they get the round bamboo poles flattened for flooring. Actually, the bamboo poles are cut into individual bamboo slices that are then laminated together to form the floor. For more information on the manufacturing process of bamboo flooring, visit our How Bamboo Flooring is Made section, or view a video of the process at

Bamboo plank types: Solid, Engineered & Strand WovenBamboo flooring has become very popular over the last decade, and many households have decided to install bamboo floors over installing hardwood. One reason is because bamboo flooring is generally considered a more eco-friendly floor product compared to hardwood. Bamboo, unlike hardwood, grows very quickly and can be harvested for flooring in 5 to 7 years. After harvesting, the bamboo plant regenerates yielding another harvestable crop. Bamboo grows so quickly because it is actually a grass and not a hardwood. The sustainability of bamboo is one of the main reasons it is considered eco-friendly. But beware, all bamboo floors are not created equal. Be aware of the brand and product before you purchase. Read our article on bamboo flooring "Not All Bamboo Floors Are Created Equal" for helpful tips when shopping for your bamboo floor.

Where bamboo flooring was once relegated to only its natural color, today bamboo comes in a variety of colors and profiles giving floor consumers a wide variety to choose from. There are different styles such as horizontal (flat) and vertical grain patterns. The newest type of bamboo on the market is called strand woven, or compressed. Strand Woven bamboo flooring is much harder than a typical bamboo floor. It is made from scrap bamboo and pressed together using resins to form a beautiful and very durable floor. Regular bamboo flooring has a density equivalent to white oak if you are looking for a comparison. Strand woven bamboo flooring is harder than oak flooring therefore dings and blemishes will be much less visible with strand woven.

If bamboo flooring is something that interests you, visit our bamboo section to find the best brands in the industry and use our local flooring directory to find a dealer near you.


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Bamboo is awesome. found this blog in my search for bamboo and am going for it. I love the look of bamboo flooring. you are right whoever installed bamboo here - it would change the feeling of your home completely. a plus is also the fact that its a green friendly floor. great article on the types too. i didn't know there were differences in bamboo and how they were manufactured so thanks.!
April 16 2009
Installing bamboo click lock flooring in home
I just installed Golden Select Click Solid Bamboo Flooring and I can not tell you how easy it was. This floor completely changed the feeling of my home. It's welcoming and warm not grey and dirty like my carpets once were. When I was debating what to do with my flooring project i wanted hardwood floors and nothing was going to change my mind until my husband showed me bamboo. Eco Friendly. Beautiful. Sold
April 9 2009
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