Best Laminate Flooring for Dogs

Tuesday February 24, 2009
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Looking for a wood floor that can stand up to the wear of your rambunctious puppy could be nearly impossible. Luckily, manufacturers make laminate flooring that can look just like the hardwood floors you've had your eye on. Many homeowners are under the impression that because laminate floors are cheaper than hardwood and not made with real wood, that they're cheap looking and of a lesser quality. The fact of the matter is, even a flooring professional has trouble telling a good laminate floor apart from hardwood.

A good flooring for pets if you want wood is a laminateFinding the best laminate flooring for dogs all comes down to the type of dog you're buying the floors for. Smaller dog breeds (e.g. Pomeranian), while active and hyper at times, don't generally need extremely durable laminate flooring. Larger breeds like Rottweiler, on the other hand, can weigh up to 100 pounds or more and usually require a floor that can handle heavy foot traffic without incurring damage.

Laminate floors are made in two different ways: high-pressure laminate (HPL) and direct pressure laminate (DPL). While these two laminate types contain the same layers (i.e. core layer; backing layer; wear layer; decorative layer), the layers in HPL are fused directly to the core layer under higher heat and pressure. The result is a stronger and more durable floor surface. If you have an active and/or larger dog breed, consider purchasing a laminate floor that's made with the high-pressure method.

The best laminate flooring for dogs also includes types that have an Abrasion Class (AC) Rating of AC3, AC4 or AC5. These laminate flooring types are designed to handle the traffic of commercial areas (e.g. shopping mall) and should be strong enough to hold up against your dogs.

Even though most laminate floor types have a surface that resists scratching, you should still keep your dogs nails trimmed to help minimize damage. Laminate floor planks that appear to be damaged should be replaced to prevent moisture and/or water from dog bowls from seeping to the subfloor. Help prevent water damage on laminate floors by placing mats in water susceptible areas (e.g. under water bowls; in front of kitchen sink).

You can find more information on the best laminate flooring for dogs in our Pet-Friendly flooring section.


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Laminate Flooring - Hard Not Always The Best
The floors materials are commonly rated with an AC rating, this shows the durability of the laminate floor and is an abbreviation for the Abrasion Class it is certified under. The Abrasion Class or AC rating goes from AC1 to AC6. An AC1 Rated Laminate will be suitable for residential use in areas such as guest rooms, or rooms with light to moderate traffic. The AC2 Rating will be for more general residential traffic areas, like a living room or dining room. The AC2 is the heavy traffic residential rating, Laminate with the AC3 Rating for heavy residential use or for commercial settings with moderate traffic. For commercial limit to small offices or hotel rooms. The AC4 rating is for general commercial use, suitable for busy offices, restaurants, cafes, etc. This is as hard a floor as I would consider for any residential use. The harder seems nice at first for flooring, but it can also be like walking or standing on cement floors.
November 19 2015
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July 23 2015
If you don't want your laminated floor would be scratched by the dog the best thing you should do is you won't allow the dog to enter your house and just make a house dog for your pet. to avoid scratched on your flooring.
June 15 2012
how does the abrasion class run, if I am looking for the most durable? 3 being the strongest or 5 being the strongest? Thanks
October 10 2009
great information on laminate
This is great information. I would be picking a high pressured laminate floor because I have two big dogs...I mean big.I will be using this flooring information for my laminate floor purchasing in the next couple weeks. It's spring so its time to redecorate! Thanks again!
April 16 2009
Laminate -Perfect for Pets
Laminate is the best flooring for dogs. Even when it comes time that my dogs nails need to be trimmed I can still trust that my laminate floors won't be scratched or damaged. Laminate is a pet friendly floor and is the type of flooring to use with pets. If you're wondering what type of floor to choose with dogs, or cats, or whatever kind of pet you have (turtle?) I would go with laminate!
April 3 2009
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