Bona vs. Swiffer - Hardwood Flooring Cleaner Review

Friday June 19, 2009
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Looking for a hardwood cleaning system? Welcome to the Bona vs. Swiffer – Hardwood Flooring Cleaner Review.

Choosing the right hardwood flooring cleaner can be a difficult task. There are so many different cleaning products to choose from and many conflicting reviews on the internet.

Here at FindAnyFloor we have chosen two of the most popular hardwood floor cleaners: The Bona Hardwood Floor Mop and the Swiffer Wet Jet, and put them to a side–by–side test on a dark Brazilian Cherry hardwood flooring and a lightly colored North American Maple floor . Both of these floor cleaning systems that we tested include a mop with a spray–on floor cleaning solution attached. In this Bona vs. Swiffer hardwood flooring cleaner review, we will state the results of our review, as unbiased as we can, allowing you to decide which hardwood flooring cleaner is best for you.

Build: Both the Bona Hardwood Flooring Cleaner and the Swiffer Wet Jet are sturdy products that are easy to put together and start using. Both should hold up well under hundreds, if not thousands of cleanings; however, we did notice that between the two, the Bona hardwood mop felt a more substantial.

Mop Head Size: The Bona Hardwood Floor Mop has a large mop head coming in at 15" wide. This is great for getting your floors clean fast, as it covers a large area at once. The Swiffer Wet Jet is 9" wide meaning it won't cover as much floor space, though it might be a little easier to maneuver between chair legs.

Operation: The Swiffer Wet Jet requires batteries to operate its spray mechanism. The Bona Hardwood Floor Mop requires no batteries and operates using a spring activated trigger. The battery–free operation is a mark of greenness for the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop, plus you won't have to spend money on replacement batteries.

Spraying Efficiency: Right away we noticed a difference in the spraying efficiency between the Bona Mop and the Swiffer Wet Jet. When it comes to hardwood flooring care and maintenance, one of the biggest no's is leaving puddles of liquid on your floor for any period of time. The liquid can seep through cracks and quickly absorb into boards. With the Swiffer Wet Jet, if you press the spray button while the mop isn't moving, you end up with a small puddle of liquid as it sprays out all in one spot. This didn't happen with the Bona Hardwood Flooring Cleaner. All it takes is one squirt, which sprays out in a fanning motion, covering a larger area of your floor with a light misting, rather than leaving a puddle of fluid.

Cleaning Efficiency: When it comes down to it, you really have to take a look at how well these two mops removed dirt and grime and in what condition they left the floors after cleaning (shiny, dull, etc.). Once the hardwood floors that we tested these two mops on (the Brazilian Cherry and the North American Maple) where clean and dry, we got down and took a closer look. With the proper lighting we noticed that both hardwood floors cleaned with the Swiffer product had a slight haze or film over them, when compared to the hardwood floors cleaned with the Bona cleaner, which looked new and shiny. This was more obvious on the darker colored Brazilian Cherry floors. We tried and tried to clean the residue with the Swiffer Wet Jet, but it only got worse. To our surprise, the Bona hardwood floor mop safely removed the film leftover from the Swiffer mop, leaving the floors once again looking new.

Price: You can find a Bona hardwood floor cleaning starter kit, which includes a mop with a microfiber cleaning pad, a microfiber dusting pad (for dry cleaning), and Bona's Swedish formula Hardwood Floor Cleaner straight from the online Bona store for $39.99 (or $29.99 for a mop without the spraying mechanism). The Swiffer Wet jet start system can often be found in the low $20's, so it is slightly less expensive. However, the Bona cleaning pads are washable and can be used over and over again, whereas the Swiffer mop pads are disposed of after use. Over the lifetime of your hardwood floor cleaner, using re–washable pads can save you hundreds of dollars in the long run. That, combined with a battery–free operation, makes Bona's hardwood floor cleaning a more eco friendly (and bank–account friendly) choice.

So, there you have it – the results of the Bona vs. Swiffer Hardwood Floor Cleaner Review. If you have had any experiences with these two hardwood cleaning products, we would love to hear your comments.

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We would like the Bona system very much but:,if you are cleaning more than a hundred square feet, the bona plastic container holding the cleaning solution begins to collapse fairly quickly making it difficult if not impossible to further spray the cleaner. It is essentially creating a vacuum in the container because it is not getting enough air back in the container to replace the liquid being sprayed. This is impractical and very frustrating and slows the process down to a crawl.
December 24 2017
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September 16 2013
I am trying to find a solution to getting the haze that the swiffer has left on my floors~ i have purchased the Bona floor cleaner~ so hopefully it wont take too long to get this discusting haze off~~~
March 26 2013
I own a house cleaning business, nearly all of my clients have hardwood floors. I recommend to all of them to purchase the Bona system for me to use on their floors. This is the BEST product I have found to use on them. It is fantastic, easy to use, maneuvers wonderfully, and leaves floors beautiful. I have several multi million dollar homes and now they won't use anything else. Buy it, you will love it!
February 22 2013
I had been using the Swiffer Wetjet and felt that my dark wood floors never looked clean. I just purchased the Bona mop & cleaning solution & what a difference! The floors just sparkle! I love this product & would recommend it to anyone. It's wonderful!
June 1 2012
I've searching the best floor sanding services, and I was eager to find it too much. Can you suggest the best one?
May 3 2012
Good advice, Thanks!
January 21 2012
I have an asthmatic cat who had asthma attacks after I cleaned my floors with the Swiffer WetJet product. He is much healthier and happier with the Bona cleaning system, and so am I. My floors look fabulous - no streaks, no haze, no dullness, no noxious fumes. My home has hardwood throughout all rooms except the bathrooms. I still use the Swiffer dry cloths to pick up residual dust after vacuuming and before cleaning with the Bona system. I also still use the Swiffer WetJet all-purpose product on my bathroom tile. It does a great job of lifting the dirt off the tile and trapping it in the pad.
July 19 2011
I own a cleaning company and we think the Swiffer Wet Jet leaves a film. Bona on the other hand does not and does a great job!
September 6 2010
Having used Swiffer, vinegar-water solution, and Murphy's oil soap on my antique pine floors with moderate satisfaction, I was delighted by the process and the end result of a cleaning with Bona products. My knees and back thank you. My floors look, feel and smell clean. They are as beautiful as when we had them initially restored! I am a convert.
August 26 2010
Love the Bona
I've used many many different product on my hardwood floors, most left me very displeased as they looked hazy and dull after a day or so. I continued my search and found the Bona hardwood floor system, purchased it, used it and have been extremly satisfied - I passed my findings to many other friends & all of them have been very happy as well. I recently discovered Bona makes a tile cleaning/polish system - so yes - I bought it, use it and love it equally as much too. I will never use anything else on my floors and I am grateful for my findings. Thanks Bona!
July 22 2010
I'm studying both the Bona and Swiffer hardwood floor cleaning systems. I've spend thousands of dollars on my floors, so I'm willing to invest more money into a "professional" hardwood floor cleaning systems. What do professional floor cleaning companies use? How much do those systems cost?
May 2 2010
Is the Bona cleaner recommended for laminate "wood" flooring?
April 7 2010
I love my Bona mop. The swiffer left streaks on my hardwood floors. I also loved the fact that the pad was washable where as with the swiffer you have to always make sure you have the dispasable cloths. Just one more expense along with the 4 AA battieries that the swiffer requires. My only complaint about the Bona is that it is hard to get along the baseboards with it.
March 14 2010
I find it odd that someone would be on their 3rd Bona hardwood mop...if it was that bad, why would you buy it 3 times? I used the Swiffer ONCE and never again. It leaked, it streaked and left an awful residue on my floors. I bought the Bona mop and I LOVE IT!! I love the fact the product is eco-friendly so I'm not worried about my 2 dogs and cat licking up harmful chemicals. But the best part about Bona, it works! My hardwood floors are gorgeous and after doing a lot of research, it seems Bona is probably the most recommended floor cleaner by flooring professionals. I will Swiffer again!!
February 23 2010
The Bona hardwood floor cleaner kit is awful. The sprayer doesnt work well at all. It always breaks. I am on my 3rd one. Read the reviews--everyone agrees--it sucks!
January 8 2010
I am getting tired of being on my hands and knees cleaning the wood floor. So, I decided to research products on-line. I came across your article which was most informative and comparing the two products I had in mind. I like how you stated the facts w/o leaving any question in my mind unanswered. So now I can make an informed decision and know Bona is the product I will continue using just not on my hands and knees. Thank you for this article which was easy to find and stuck to facts.
September 12 2009
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