Bona vs. Swiffer - The Bamboo Flooring Cleaner Face-off

Tuesday February 24, 2009
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Getting the right floor cleaner can be a challenge these days with so many cleaning choices available at flooring and home improvement stores. Today we tried out two of the most popular floor cleaners in the industry on carbonized and natural horizontal bamboo floors. Many of you reading this floor cleaning article may have heard of Swiffer Wet Jet but maybe not of the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop. Bona (known as Bona Kemi in the flooring community) is a very popular eco-friendly floor products manufacturer amongst professionals in the flooring industry. Even bamboo flooring industry leaders such as Teragren Bamboo recommend Bona products for cleaning their bamboo floors. At we wanted to see how each floor cleaner performed while cleaning various flooring types, including Teragren Bamboo.

Bona Hardwood Floor Mop Vs Swiffer Wet JetLet's start with the Swiffer Wet Jet. This company has done a great job marketing the Swiffer brand but does their product hold up to all the marketing clout? We were excited that once the Swiffer was out of its box, we loaded in some batteries, plugged in the fluid cartridge and away we went cleaning the natural colored bamboo floor. Next we moved on to the carbonized (amber) colored horizontal (flat grain) Teragren bamboo floor. Before changing floors we removed the disposable textured pad on the mop head and then began spraying the Swiffer cleaning fluid from the Wet Jet and mopping it up. Now let's look at the set up of the Bona Hardwood Flooring Mop and end this floor cleaning article with a comparison of the two.

Like the Swiffer Wet Jet, the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop comes in a compact box and you wonder how the entire mop fits inside. The Bona Mop set up as fast as the Wet Jet, but we spent a little time (very little) looking for the batteries to operated the cleaning fluid spray. We soon realized that Bona had designed their mop without needing batteries by using a spring loaded trigger. Like the Swiffer Mop we started with an uncleaned section of the bamboo floor and moved onto the carbonized bamboo before comparing the results.

So here is what we found. Right out of the box, we noticed the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop was 6" wider than the Swiffer Wet Jet, and it felt more substantial, like the difference between a mid-level car and a luxury automobile. But did the Bona Mop perform at that level? After the set up of both mops you start to clean by dispensing the cleaning fluid onto the surface. Here is where we noticed; one of the largest differences in the floor mops. The Swiffer Wet Jet is battery powered and when you press the button to spray cleaning fluid, it sprays directly in front of the mop and leaves a puddle of fluid. Several times during the test we had to self regulate the amount of fluid that was coming out and it was difficult to get the hang of it. One of the major cleaning warnings from bamboo and hardwood manufacturers, like Teragren Bamboo, is not to allow pooled liquids to sit atop the flooring surface. The Bona Mop's spring activated trigger sprayed the cleaning fluid evenly across the floor in a fan pattern. There was no pooling and with one squirt it appeared as if you could clean a larger surface. Bona's spray pattern, easy of regulating the amount of cleaning fluid, and the fact that no batteries are needed, gave Bona the clear advantage over Swiffer for this part of the cleaning process.

Next we compared the cleaned floor surface. The Swiffer Wet Jet appeared to leave a film or slight haze on both of the bamboo floors. It was more noticeable on the carbonized bamboo flooring, but that was probably due to the darker shade of bamboo. No matter how much we tried to get the residue to wipe up with the Swiffer, we seemed to make it worse. Bona's cleaner on the other hand left the bamboo floors looking clean and brand new. In the end we started to use a solution of vinegar and water on a slightly damp mop to clean the Swiffer cleaner residue from the floors, but someone suggested using the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop. Guess what, the Bona Mop cleaned off the residue and we were left with great looking bamboo flooring.

After cleaning the floors we went to put both mops away. With the Swiffer Wet Jet you simply remove and dispose of the cleaning pad and put it in the closet. With the Bona Mop, you remove the cleaning pad but you don't throw away, instead you wash it either in the washing machine or in the sink. We actually ran it through several loads in the washing machine to see if the pad stood up to the constant cleaning. The pad looked brand new every time and was as simple as using Velcro to attach it to the bottom of the mop. This is another advantage we see between the Swiffer Wet Jet and the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop. It is not only more economical to reuse the pad with the Bona system, but it is also more environmentally friendly. On that same green note, the fact that Bona's mop doesn't use batteries furthers its position as a more eco-friendly floor cleaning option.

The final results are clear. When cleaning a bamboo floor, the Bona Hardwood Flooring Mop is the clear winner. It is less expensive to operate in the long run with reusable cleaning pad and less expensive cleaning fluid. Perhaps this is why bamboo flooring manufacturers such as Teragren Bamboo recommend Bona products for cleaning and maintaining their bamboo floors. If a leader in bamboo flooring such as Teragren backs the product, you can be assured that using the Bona Mop will help keep your flooring warranty in tact.

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We,ll See
I have read the previous comments. I am doing a hard sweep of debris on the floor followed by a strenuous dry mop of a heavy soution of Dawn and water folowed by a minimal spary of Bona. I will let you know what happens. So far, So good!
November 22 2017
Using Bona cleaner on Bamboo floor
I have been using Bona cleaner on my Bamboo floor, but I do not seem to get it quite right. I use it about once a week. Perhaps I am using it too often. I spoke w/ the folks at Cali Bamboo (where I bought my flooring, and they recommended that I clean my floor w/ a solution of vinegar and water. I tried that technique, and that came out even worse. I love my floor, and I am feeling desperate!
September 3 2017
Commercial Cleaning
I used both type of bamboo for cleaning. Both are very effective and their prices are very affordable.
August 31 2017
Can Bona high gloss be used on bamboo floors as well as hardwood floors?
August 26 2016
Don't buy Swiffer or anything from Proctor and Gamble. They engage in animal testing.
June 3 2014
Linoleum or Tile floors
How does Bona work on regular linoleum or tile floors?
May 28 2014
Outstanding Commercial Cleaners in Brisbane
I am feeling very glad to read your blog because your blog is giving more knowledge to the people who do not know about how to clean the Bamboo floors.
January 15 2014
We have laminate wood flooring. Should I be using the hardwood Bona care system or the stone and laminate Bona care system?
October 2 2013
Flooring cleaner
Your blog is always a good source of inspiring me , I have found your blog contain a vital and verity content and your writing style is also appreciative , So I am more than happy to find much good information and points for flooring cleaner .
March 16 2013
Can you tell me that Bona is more effective rather than have a laminated floors?
June 20 2012
Anyone experience bona damaging your hardwood floor?
I've been using bona per the direction from my condo builder and I'm seeing more and more crinkles on the short edge of the slats. The floor guy says its due to moisture so I think it may be from using bona? Has anyone else had this happen?
June 7 2012
I started with a swiffer on my bamboo flooring. First, the mop is not well constructed and the handle kept coming apart. Second, even using a new pad a dull residue remained. Bought a Bona and as the article said it removed the swiffer residue. Additionally the Bona is far superior in construction. Mike
May 9 2012
I have ben using a drop of dawn dish detergent in my water to mop my bamboo floor then clean with a hardwood floor cleaner. After reading the various comments on Bona should I wipe floor with vinegar and water then clean with Bona?
December 2 2011
This exactly the type of side by side comparison I was looking for. I have been using the swiffer on my bamboo floors with just OK results (I see the same film when I'm done) A professional house cleaning company recommended Bona but I'd never heard of it. The Bona website presents a solid, long lived, environmentally conscious company and the more I read about them the more excited I am to buy their products. Thank you for a very useful article!
August 1 2011
Hmmm, pooling, ehh?
I'm sorry, any of the three Swiffers I've owned never pooled liquid in front of the mop. They all sprayed in an even pattern, fanning out about 36 inches in front of the mop. I have to say, Swiffer has a somewhat crummy construction--hence, three in the last 5 years. But, because I too have arthritis in my hands, the automated spray is very nice. Whereas, the constant pumping of the leaver on the Bona makes it a difficult mop to deal with for me. I also like to remove the Swiffer solution and use pine cleaner mixed with water, for my cleaning.
July 19 2011
Swiffer coupons
I use the Bona on my hardwood flooring and it works awesome, it is much cheaper than swiffers
February 9 2011
Thanks for sharing this, I don't know anyone who has bamboo floors though, but I am sure it works well on hardwood as well.
February 9 2011
Hand scraped bamboo floors
May 4 2010
How difficult is it to pull the trigger on the Bona? I have arthritis and it's sometimes difficult to pull or push buttons.
June 13 2009
Regarding BONA...wonderful of the few that works as promised...Remember,when you are cleaning wood floors you aren't cleaning wood-you're cleaning the seal on the wood. Bona has perfected a product that deals with polyurethane seal without yellowing or fragmenting the seal coverage. DO NOT USE SOAP OR AMMONIA BASED CLEANING PRODUCTS ON POLY SEALED FLOORS. If you have done this already, mop with vinegar and water (1/7) solution to remove the soap patina. let dry and apply the BONA...good luck
June 8 2009
Has anyone used the Bono Tile cleaner. My housekeeper has been cleaning our tile floor with soap and water and has not rinsed it. So it has a residue on it. Will the Bono tile cleaner and bono mop remove this residue?? If it takes a couple of washings, that's fine. I just would like to get this residue/film off the floors as easy as possible.
June 6 2009
I recently had bamoo floors installed & fortunately I had seen the infomercial for Bona mops. I almost ordered it, but I ran across the mop at Lowes! I was so happy to see this in Lowes because also they give you a choice of a 20 dollar mop or the deluxe 40 dollar mop. I bought the 20 dollar one & am so happy with this product! It comes with a pad that you can just dust with & a microfiber pad that you can wet down & use the spray bottle cleaning solution. It's like a 8 dollar bottle included! Both pads can go in the washer too.
June 3 2009
Bona Hardwood Floor Mop
YES!Bona for sure can be used on Bamboo! Its amazing.. You can also use it on ANY hardwood. Not only does it clean very well but it makes your floors shine without the slip. If you go with Bona and have other floors like Laminate - get a laminate cleaner for the mop. They are available.
May 29 2009
Can the Bona be used on other flooring. I have a mix of bamboo and Oak
May 25 2009
No the Bona Hardwood Floor Mop won't do any damage to the flooring. Didn't you just read the article on how the bona cleans bamboo flooring?!?! Of course not! I have the Bona and its such a wonderful mop! It really works very well on my hardwood floors and on my laminate floors (I also bought the laminate cleaner as well)! Im tellin ya... its a super product.
May 13 2009
Bono and Bamboo Floors
Will the bono mop and cleaner do any damage to my banboo flooring?
May 5 2009
I was watching TV and an info-mercial came on about Bona. Decided to do my own research before I sleepily called in and ordered it with my credit card, I love it! Bona hardwood floor mop is a great product - as seen on tv. It does the trick and leaves my floors super shiny and clean. I would recommend Bona over Swiffer. This article hits the nail on the head. Great information!
April 16 2009
Bona floor Mop
LOVE BONA! Told all my friends about it and the votes are in. Bona wins for sure. Great article!
April 9 2009
I ordered Bona online for my hardwood floors and I really like it. I have a large hardwood floor space and the mop is really helpful. I normally strap on some knee pads and go to town on my hardwood floors using my hands. I thought that was the only way to keep them clean. Bona has helped me out by manufacturing a good quality product as well as an easy one too. I also like how I can wash the pads it comes with instead of investing more money in new ones ever couple weeks.They wash great.Thanks for the Bed and Beyond tip-now I can just run over there and get it instead of online.
April 2 2009
Bamboo Flooring and Bona Hardwood Floor Mop
Thanks for your question regarding your bamboo floor and Bona Hardwood Floor Mop. The short answer is no, you don't need to know the brand or manufacturer. Knowing them might help in determining what they approve for cleaning. The Bona Hardwood Floor Mop is recommended by top manufacturers and therefore we feel good recommending it. We do not sell Bona, nor anything for that matter. We are a large free flooring resource that helps 1000's of flooring consumers each month just like yourself. If you would like to try Bona, contact and get free shipping today.
March 9 2009
Do I need to know the kind of bamboo flooring installed in the condo before I order your product?
March 9 2009
Bona works great
Thanks for this article. I had never heard of Bona before reading this and had been using another cleaner that always left our brazilian cherry hardwood looking dull. We found Bona at Bed Bath and Beyond and it made a world of difference. No more dull floors!
March 1 2009
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