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Tuesday March 22, 2011
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The internet has made it convenient to buy flooring online and save. With a marked shift toward e–Commerce, online flooring websites have increased. The competition is fierce and a prospective buyer can look forward to attractive and affordable prices. Some buyers have apprehensions that flooring purchased online is sub–standard and not of the same quality as if you’ve bought it from a retailer. Many online floor retailers will sell private labeled flooring as well as name brand.  Reputable sources also offer a warranty on online orders no different to what you would expect when buying from a retailer. The difference is, it might be frustrating to call an 800 number as opposed to walking in a store to talk with someone.

When buying flooring online however, consider the shipping cost which is to be added to the basic cost. There are various types of shipping options from economy delivery where you pick up your product to curbside delivery where the consignment is delivered to your curbside or driveway. Naturally shipping costs vary considerably. Next, consider the risk of transit damage which is a very real possibility. Then again, read the fine print about installing the floor and the manufacturer’s conditions which apply. A problem could arise later where you as a buyer are caught between the installer and the manufacturer. The installer blames the product and the manufacturer finds fault with the installation. Worse, the warranty could be voided. Either way, you as the buyer will suffer.

If deciding to buy flooring online, consider these risks carefully before making a decision. Also add the shipping, cost of installation and any other charges you might have to bear and compare this with the total cost if you were to buy your flooring from your friendly neighborhood retailer.

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When it comes to goods like floor I definitely prefer real shopping in a DiY department store. I want to see and touch the wood before deciding
May 14 2012
Very Important Information Here
Many companies charge unreasonable shipping charges to make up for thier cheap online prices. Very Informational Article! Thank You - Chris
May 26 2011
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