Cork Flooring Installation Instructions

Tuesday February 24, 2009
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Thin and lightweight, cork floor tiles and planks can be very easy to maneuver and install. Additionally, they can be installed directly to the subfloor with adhesive, or floated above it. Cork floor tiles and planks that don't require floor adhesive simply lock together by way of an interlocking system found on all four sides of the tile. This installation type is commonly referred to as "glueless cork flooring."

Samples of different cork flooring types from click assembly to glue-downYou can find detailed cork flooring installation instructions on The installation guides are tailored to your level of expertise; whether you're a first-time floor installer or have previous installation experience. With these handy guides, you can learn how to install glueless and glue down cork floors on your own. They'll clue in on the right floor tools you'll need, as well as give you tips on how to properly prep the subfloor for installation.

Getting thorough cork flooring installation instructions, gathering the proper tools, and preparing the installation area is already half the battle. Once you have these factors in order, you can begin installing your cork floor tiles in the order you want them. Remember, you should always take your time when installing to ensure a snug fit and a professional looking floor.

Most manufacturers usually recommend installing a foam or cork underlayment under floated cork floor tiles. When laying out the underlayment, always follow the manufacturer's installation instructions. Plastic sheeting should be laid underneath, and the cork or foam underlayment should be flush with the walls. Tape all seams together to further protect the subfloor.

Make sure you follow the cork flooring installation instructions carefully when laying down the first row. The first row is vital to the success of the entire installation. If this row is uneven, the rest of the cork floor tiles will certainly follow. Before permanently installing your cork floor tiles, lay them out in the way you want them to appear. Once you're satisfied with the fit, you can begin to install them. Cork tiles or planks should fit together to form a seamless looking floor.

For further assistance with your cork flooring installation project, check out FloorTube - your home to all of your flooring needs. There you'll find cork installation videos from some of the most notable flooring professionals in the industry.


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I wanted cork flooring in my home and my girls came over for Friday-flooring night... corny I know but I have so much cork to install that I made it into a little party... kinda like painting parties but this was a floor project. Anyway,it was so light and easy to install that the guys didn't even need to help. I mean come on! It's a macho flooring project of course but we didn't need any help in the end it was sooooo easy that we finished it quick and sipped on wine (we even drank wine to keep with the theme!) the rest of the evening! great instructions too - it was so easy and self explanatory.
April 16 2009
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