Cork Flooring and Pets

Tuesday February 17, 2009
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Cork floors can be a great fit for pets as well as pet owners. Not only are they antimicrobial and hypoallergenic (meaning they resist common household allergens such as pet dander and dust mites) they are also highly resilient. People and pets with joint problems will enjoy the fact that the surface bounces back upon impact. The surface of cork flooring also offers a higher level of slip resistance than floors such as vinyl and tile. This means less chance of slips and falls for your pet(s).

Cork is a good floor covering if you have petsCork flooring and pets are well matched for one another. Cork flooring can resist most scratching from pet nails, and of all wood floor types, they are less likely to damage as a result of standing water and pet accidents. Pets, on the other hand, find a higher level of comfort in cork floors when it comes to warmth and flexibility. Whether they're romping around the house, or just taking a nap, pets of all kinds love cork flooring.

Cork floors can be installed in most household areas. Make sure that you before you attempt cork floor installation, you verify the room environment with the manufacturer. Some manufacturers may disapprove of installation in below grade environments (e.g. basement) while others may disapprove of cork floor installation in bathrooms and kitchens. In order to keep your floor warranty intact, you'll need to make sure that you follow all rules in regard to installation.

Cork flooring comes in a wide range of different textures and colors. The type that is right for your home depends on personal taste and the level of wear you expect on your floors. Burled cork floors, for example, are heavily textured and may help disguise unsightly pet damage (e.g. scratching and pitting) better than solid cork floors.

Cork flooring can also be relatively easy to maintain. A light sweep and occasional damp mopping can be enough to keep them looking as good as new. Of course, the more reckless and playful your pet, the more upkeep may be required to maintain a clean and dirt-free surface. For tips and tricks on how to keep cork flooring clean for your pets, check out's Cork Floor Care section.


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Best bet for Pets - Cork
I have cork throughout my home, except kitchen and bath where I have ceramic. I have a Black Lab/Dane mix (130 lbs) and a cat. They love the cork floors. Cork floors are very durable - a little scratch here or there can hardly be seen, and easily can be repaired by sanding a bit and resealing. Just make sure you get cork floors that are cork all the way through - not just a thin veneer on the top. Just reseal every other year or use Johnson & Johnson wax for cork to maintain and keep shine. They develop their own patina over time. They are insulating and also repeal termites and other insects. Cork floors will outlast your home. It is the perfect floor for a pet owner - I would have nothing else :)
August 6 2009
good article. I've been debating on whether to install cork or bamboo. I want both because they're eco-friendly but I want the vibe in my house to be rockin. I like the way cork flooring looks in homes from the pictures of cork floors I found online. I also really need something that is pet friendly. I have two huge great danes, so that explains it. Cork floorings performance under the pressure from my big dogs seems like it will hold. thanks for the cork flooring information. I think I've made my decision.
April 14 2009
Cork Installation
I just adopted a rescue dog from a shelter and found out very quickly how happy he really was! My carpets are torn apart. Thanks for the friendly advice about cork flooring bloggers. I appreciate it. I found some cork floors on some discount websites and think they will be great. I don't want to risk installing a new floor and having my little guy ruin yet again another floor. Wish me luck with cork floors guys!
April 9 2009
Satisfied Cork Flooring Customer!
I am a pet owner too and I installed cork flooring in my house a long time ago. I was scared to install too much of it because I thought i wouldn't like it but i love it! its so easy to maintain and the cork has minimized the dander in my home. I am currently installing more cork flooring in my home but this time i learned there are a ton more patterns and styles of cork. Cork is great for any pet friendly home.
March 26 2009
I am a pet owner and I have been looking for a pet friendly flooring. Cork, personally, is the best flooring when you have a pet friendly home! It's scratch resistant and it helps in keeping pets joints in better condition. I've heard that vinyl flooring types and linoleum flooring types have the same resiliency when it comes to its elasticity but I prefer the cork flooring because of its vineyard outdoor look. I like how it is relatively easy to maintain and don't forget to do your cork flooring research... I found that cork is eco-friendly, sustainable, green... I also found that not all cork is the same. The denser the cork the more durable it is for your home whether it be in the kitchen,bathroom,living or dining room!
March 23 2009
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