DIY Green Carpet Cleaning

Saturday May 30, 2009
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DIY green carpet cleaning includes anything you do yourself to keep your carpets clean. This includes regular vacuuming, spot removal, the use of home carpet cleaning machines, and so on.


First, let’s consider how DIY carpet cleaning with a vacuum affects human health in regards to indoor air quality (IAQ). Some vacuums may allow dust containing allergens to circulate back into the air after being filtered through the vacuum. This poses obvious problems for those with allergies. In order to avoid recirculation of dust, choose vacuums with a HEPA filter. To go one step further in ensuring your vacuum’s contribution to a healthy indoor air quality, choose Carpet and Rug Institute certified vacuums.

Home Carpet Cleaning Machines

Additionally, some homeowners also choose to use home carpet cleaning machines, against the recommendations of many carpet manufacturers who recommend professional steam cleaning only, and for a good reason. Many of these home carpet cleaning machines are ineffective at properly removing dirt from deep down in your carpet and tend to leave your carpets overly wet. This can potentially result in the growth of mold and mildew, which can be a serious health hazard. For these reasons, we must agree with carpet manufacturers by saying that a professional cleaning with a deep extraction carpet cleaning machine by a pro that specializes in green carpet cleaning is the best option for most carpets.

Home Carpet Cleaning Solutions

Many homeowners generally use some type of home carpet cleaning solution, either in a home carpet cleaning machine or as a spray or squirt on spot removal treatment. Many of these carpet cleaning solutions contain chemicals and high levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that are potentially dangerous to your health. By choosing home carpet cleaning solutions that are labeled with green certifications such as the Green Seal and EcoLogo, you can rest assured that these products will do no harm to your health and do no harm to the environment.

In closing, when green carpet cleaning is your goal, there are several factors that must be taken into consideration. Primarily, DIY green carpet cleaning should never impose a negative impact on human health and should always show environmental responsibility.

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